Prism eBook

Prism brings to life powerful poetry that is connected to the seven colors of the rainbow and the seven energy sources in the body. Check out one of my favorite reviews from a customer...

"You did it, again... thank you for this. I'm finally reading Prism, and I'm only on page 47... I had to go get a highlighter. I never highlight books, but I am this time."
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There is no right or wrong way to use this book.

This book combines the power of magic, color, and poetry through the corresponding energies and frequencies of crystals I associate with each universal mystery from my esoteric wisdom path.

While thinking cosmically—on a big scale about energy and life itself—I also assembled this book in a way that each macrocosm aspect can be directly applied to you, the microcosm, by exploring yourself in new ways, learning to love who you are, and allowing yourself to be in tune with the energy of the universe.

Feel free to hold the specific crystal that goes with each section of the book while you’re reading the individual poems. If you feel drawn to any particular crystal, poem, or section, take time to research the properties of that crystal, the energy sources in the body that are impacted by that crystal, and how to meditate with the crystal in a way that is comfortable and therapeutic to you.

At the beginning of each section, I list a helpful meditation phrase, the corresponding energy source in the body, and a key theme or idea to explore relating to yourself. How you choose to use that information as you explore this book is entirely up to you. Blessed be!

Ghosts eBook

Ghosts shares deep poetry about the power of meeting and healing the shadowy pieces of ourselves. Check out one of my favorite reviews from a customer...

"Kate's poetry book, Ghosts, is the best I've read in years. Not only is it beautifully written, but it landed in my hands during a time where I was struggling the most in learning my own ghosts."


This poetry book brings to life the death, rebirth, and life cycle we all face on our spiritual journey. It highlights the shadows of our fragmented selves that we often try to hide or ignore, but that can be recognized, reintegrated, and positively reinforced as we focus on processing our trauma and becoming the best versions of ourselves.

Kate brilliantly refers to these ‘shadows’ throughout the book as her ‘ghosts’ and allows the reader to catch a glimpse at the power of acknowledging them, learning their names, and helping them heal. She also has set up the book to allow readers to go on their own journey of self-discovery if they so choose with guided shadow work journal prompts.

While the goal of the book is to bring healing to those who seek it, Kate also recognizes that shadow work is a significant mental deep dive that everyone may not be prepared to explore, and that’s okay. If you choose to only read this book as surface-level poetry and nothing more, that is perfectly fine. Additionally, if you decide that this book may bring up too many painful aspects of your past that you are not yet ready to address, there’s no shame in waiting to read this one until you are—after all, what else are TBR lists for?

Downloadable Ghosts eBook Section "Letters to Your Ghosts"

The Ghosts eBook features three main sections of poetry and a fourth journaling section just as the print version of the book features. Since eBook formats do not support the ability to fill in the journaling section as you would with a print book you can write in, you may download the PDF version of the "Letters to Your Ghosts" section for free by clicking the "Download Last Section" button below. This will open the PDF in a new window, and based on your browser, you can walk through the typical steps to download and print the document. This section has been approved by Author Kate Jade for downloading and printing.

Sacred Flame eBook

Sacred Flame brings to life channeled poetic words about reigniting the creative spark that once gave us purpose and direction in our younger years. Check out one of my favorite reviews from a customer...

"Sacred Flame hit me hard. They were all the thoughts I'd had at one point or another delicately crafted into soulful poetry that reminded me just how magical life is—and always has been."


From the moment we are born, we are learning, growing, and expanding...

Looking back, I grieve at how we’re educated as a society. Repeatedly, we’re taught not to ask questions and trained to fit a certain mold. All the while, the beautiful, creative spark, that is supposed to be our guiding light, is extinguished.

It’s time, though, to find our magick once again.

It’s the season of reigniting that creative spark and intentionally protecting and cultivating our Sacred Flame.

May the poetry in this book reawaken what has long been dormant in your bones...